Kamis, 05 April 2012

The Mouse Deer Story

The Mouse Deer Becomes the Judge

One day, the mouse deer was roaming the forest looking for young leaves. He likes the juicy young leaves in the forest. He always managed to find quality leaves as he knew where to look for them. After walking so away, the mouse deer got some young juicy leaves. He was very happy, as there were a lot of leaves everywhere. He started to eat the leaves happily.
He was eating leaves gluttonously. “Hmmm, these leaves are really delicious,” said the mouse deer happily to him self. After a while, the mouse deer was full and he stopped eating. “It is better for me to stop eating may stomach bursts,” said the mouse deer.
“Ouch! My stomach is very full and it’s so painful. I better go and drink something,” said the look for a pond or rover to drink water. But he couldn’t find any. I am so thirsty. I must drink some water,” said the mouse deer impatiently. He started to walk here and there to look for water but he could not find the water.
Finally, he mouse deer was lucky. He found a river not away from the place where he was eating. He rushed to river to drink some water. “Wow! The water in the rover is so cold and nice to drink,” said the mouse deer after drinking the water. Suddenly, the mouse deer heard someone screaming for help. He quickly rushed to the place and found the crocodile was biting the buffalo’s leg. He was shocked to see the buffalo struggling to release himself from the crocodile.
“What’s happening here?” asked the mouse deer to both the animals. “Mr. Crocodile wants to devour me. He doesn’t know to repay a good favour,” said the buffalo. “I don’t care, you are my good food for today,” said crocodile. “But, I helped you when you were in danger,” said the buffalo. “Okay, stop quarrelling. Narrate the whole story to me. How did the quarrel start?” asked the mouse deer.
“Actually, I was grazing along the river when I heard the crocodile screaming for help. When I came here, I saw a big tree that had fallen on the crocodile’s body,” said the buffalo angrily. “What happened after that?” asked the mouse deer curiously. ”I helped to lift the tree from the crocodile’s body. After that the ungrateful crocodile bit my leg,” continued the buffalo sad. “It’ll be a waste if I let go such a big prey like you,” said the crocodile arrogantly while, the mouse deer was walking up and down to solve for the problem. “Okay. Let me suggest you. I want you two to act out the whole incident again so that I can come to a conclusion>” said the mouse deer. The crocodile and the buffalo agreed to his suggestion.
Soon, the crocodile let go the buffalo. And the buffalo lifted the tree and put it on the crocodile’s body again. “This is how the situation was before,” said the buffalo to the mouse deer. Suddenly, the mouse deer asked the buffalo to escape from the place. The shocked crocodile screamed in pain but nobody came to help him. “Now you should know, how to be more grateful to those who help you,” said the mouse deer and left the place with the buffalo.